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Over twenty years ago, Herschel Lazaroff was a businessman with a background in physics and psychology.

Then, in 1994, Lazaroff attended an energy workshop and was turned on to the field. He said at the workshop there was a woman who took pictures of people’s auras. She told him, “Your entire being is healing energy, and you have very powerful thoughts.”

So Lazaroff learned more, and a few years ago he took his part-time gig — which already had resulted in many healing successes — and made his energy-healing practice full time.

Lazaroff is an Orthodox Chabad Lubavitch individual. He said his energy work is based on the Torah and comes from a Jewish place. In ancient times, he explained, when a person was sick, he or she would visit the navi (prophet) and ask for spiritual guidance in order to heal. The navi would have the person do teshuva (repentance) and offer a sacrifice to God. Lazaroff is not a prophet, but he works with that same philosophy in mind.

Lazaroff explained that there are four types of souls, and each heals in a different way: the conventional soul (this soul responds to Western medicine, drugs), the natural soul (needs treatment with wheat grass, coffee enemas, etc.), the integrated soul (the best of all worlds — a combination of natural and traditional healing methods) and the spiritual soul. Healing of the spiritual soul is the deepest level of healing, and it affects all the higher levels.

Lazaroff explained that his healing works because he is removing energy blocks. When a person is being tested by God, challenged in some way, he or she can become stuck — and this can result in physical and emotional pain or the inability to move to a next phase in life.

“There is a block in the energy flow. … I facilitate the person removing the blocks,” he said, noting you need to understand who you are.

Lazaroff has helped people become open to marriage (women who have come to him unable to find a match are known to do so within a year), has assisted women in getting pregnant (40 out of 48 of the women who have worked with him have become pregnant within a year) and solved basic health concerns such as sore knees and back pain. He charges $350 per session. It’s a lot, he said, but it is effective and he’s not a revolving door. People come once, maybe twice, and then move on.

Rivka Malka Perlman is one of Lazaroff’s biggest fans. She said her husband was experiencing neck pain. She sent him to Lazaroff, who after one session — mostly spent talking — relieved the pain. Also, her husband was diagnosed with meningitis and hospitalized.

“Herschel came, and he was out of the hospital the next day,” said Perlman. “It’s physical healing through the spiritual realm. … Herschel opens doors.”

There are countless similar stories. View testimonials on HappyHerschel.com where dozens of others tell their stories, too. Lazaroff is also there, explaining his healing tools.

Said Lazaroff: “People come to me primarily to change their lives.”

Learn more about Lazaroff at happyherschel.com

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