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Herschel brings out potent healing forces that, in the next moments, can help eliminate pain and stimulate a palpable healing response.

By removing the blockages that rob people of the happiness they deserve, Herschel Lazaroff healing changes are facilitated making sad people happy, happy people happier, and awesome people phenomenal! – Happy HerschelKosher Healing For All!

Herschel’s spiritual module is a multi-disciplinary approach that makes all systems work in harmony.

Herschel the Healer

Herschel Lazaroff is a brilliant, one-of-a-kind healer helping everyone to reach their potential. His unique ability to identify and focus on and resolve  core blockages has enabled him to treat maladies from migraines to life-threatening illnesses. Herschel’s deep insight into how the energy of soul can be magnified and developed has brought his clients to spiritual well-being and financial success greater, and faster, than they ever dreamed possible.

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Kosher Energy Healing Herschel Lazaroff

Kosher Energy Healing Herschel Lazaroff

The Concept

Blending techniques from a number of healing modalities, Herschel brings out a potent healing force that in a moment can help eliminate pain and stimulate a healing response.

Herschel serves as a conduit for healing energy and DNA reprogramming. He has seen astonishing results with his unique methods. Out-of-state clients are helped via Skype or teleconference.

Energy Resonant Transference (ERT) is an original eight-step process created by Herschel, described here. This technique permits the body to access universal information that activates a person’s innate healing abilities.

ERT has successfully addressed the following maladies, although not limited to only these: ADD/ADHD, OCD, bi-polar/manic-depressive disorder, cancer, auto-immune disorders, allergies, asthma, addictions (and behaviors), skin conditions, sinusitis, chronic and acute pain, headaches, genetic disorders, CFS, infertility, urinary tract disorders, viral infections, weight issues and smoking.

This process helps people to become “unstuck.”

The Experience

To simplify what happens in a session, imagine your mind and soul as two super computer centers often with different agendas, and each with its own operating systems, programs, file managers and folders.

Fear or trauma can corrupt the mind’s operating system. The severity and duration will determine its long-term impact.  The subconscious mind, in order to protect the person, isolates the stressful emotions into a locked file so the body can recover and attempt to function properly, but, in the process, corrupts the folders.

Distorted thinking often results when unresolved issues linger, creating personal and emotional chaos. More often than not, we are totally oblivious that this is taking place and that we are looking at life through a distorted prism.

Signs that you have become “infected” or a victim of this destructive cycle are: chronic illness, pain, and/or interpersonal issues and lack of inner peace.

Even though our soul always remains pure, its operating system can become tainted.  When we act in ways that are not in our best interest, over time our soul can become “sick.” This weakens our connection to the Source of Life (G-d), creating a host of issues like depression, mania, addictions and feelings of emptiness. This directly impacts the body’s ability to fight disease.

After doing a “virus scan” of the systems, a download of your soul print is established. It’s like a fingerprint, loaded with crucial information about you.  When decoded and clarified, it becomes obvious how past events and lives have impacted you. Next the corrupted operating system, programs and folders are deleted and uninstalled, and replaced with healthy ones.

By addressing the mind and soul in this way, the body can heal itself of most illnesses, sometimes spontaneously!

Part 1: Mental Martial Arts. With G-d’s help, Herschel guides you through a unique and powerful meditation for setting the mindset for the session.

Part 2: Soul-iloquy. Listen as your soul and heartbeat come together. This segment imparts valuable insights and information to you while you tap into your higher self, creating coherence.

Part 3: Spiritual DNA reprogramming. Accesses and manipulates the seven emotional components that constitute your spiritual DNA. This process aligns, permits and frees you to actualize your highest potential and goals.

Part 4: Removing Erroneous Beliefs and Destructive Thoughts. Herschel helps reveal and address the root causes of thought processes that prevent you from healing and succeeding in life.

Part 5: The Healing Journey. While having an out-of-body experience, Herschel takes you on an unforgettable journey that creates a new inner body reality with incredible results.

Part 6: Inner Code. By accessing your unique soul print, you will understand how unproductive and destructive patterns came into your life. Because this information is deeply embedded within your subconscious, it is typically inaccessible without this crucial step.

Part 7: Spiritual Tune-up. Herschel addresses the cause-and-effect spiritual side of Life, according to specific metaphysical principles.

Part 8: Patient’s Homework. To maintain the success accomplished in the session, other modalities such as supplements, spiritual tasks/ adjunctives, and affirmations may be suggested. The homework is very powerful and necessary. Herschel can only open the door for you and show you the way. You must walk through the opening and follow the path to see optimal and long-term success.

Depending on the complexity of the issues, future sessions may be necessary to delve deeper into layers so the mind, body and soul can work together in harmony.

Video conferences are available. The atmosphere is relaxed and supportive. A session lasts 1 to 2 hours.  The majority of clients receive the results they need within 3 sessions. More complex cases may take longer, since, like an onion, one layer must be removed at a time.

A Session With Herschel

Here are two in-depth personal descriptions of sessions with Herschel:

“I felt transmission of deeply powerful and healing energies during various parts of the session. A great heat came upon my hands during one part of the session and I felt a collapse of energies around my right kidney/abdomen area which then drained away. My emotional release included a letting go of heaviness, a deep sorrow, in my heart while many tears fell.

During part of the session, I was aware of specific Hebrew letters transforming my body and being at the cellular level. I felt the fire from the letters and could hear a humming or buzzing. When specific Angels were invoked, it was exquisite to feel my heart and Soul expand and to be aware of, however remotely due to my limited human ability to experience and understand, a profound healing that followed their dazzling energy and healing Light. The experience of a sublime gratitude and joy, and sense of being uplifted and returned to something lost, a deep and profound reconnection to my neshamah and all that is Holy, followed this part of the session.

I felt, saw and experienced heat, Light and other energies, as well as beautiful colors and emotions, including the presence of a great Divine Love during the appointment. It was as if a metal band that had bound my heart was dissolved and my heart was free to again experience and express gratitude and love. Many times during my consultation I was filled with intense heart-opening gratitude and love. I can heartily recommend kosher healing as a uniquely powerful method of transformation and healing for purification of your Spiritual DNA, to gain clarity, and let go of energetic, emotional, mental and Spiritual blockages or stagnant life energies (which may have a physical condition correlate) that are likely blocking Light and preventing the manifestation of blessed life conditions. When the session was over, my whole body remained warm for some time… particularly my hands.

I did my homework, as specified by Herschel, and continued to receive deeply transformative results. It was a homecoming, again that return to my self and Soul. I recommend that every person, whether they have a Spiritual issue manifesting as a physical condition or not, have one or more kosher healing sessions with Herschel Lazaroff.”

Here is the experience of another client:

“When he walked in, I saw a gentleman in his late 50’s with a white beard and a cheerful smile. After we had sat down and talked for a while, I specifically asked if he would mentor me, as I was interested in learning his type of skill. To my disappointment, he instead suggested that I do a session with him and emphasized the necessity of doing mitzvahs. He explained that doing mitzvahs was like flipping energy switches that connect the human with the Divine. He further explained that doing sessions with him would clear out some of the standing spiritual blockages that were getting in my way. Following that, he told me something about my own personal habits that he would have had no reason to know, and thinking upon that later, it piqued my interest. So I decided to do a session with him.

So let me explain how Herschel does what he does. There is a principal called Energy Resonant Transference which is employed in his practice. What it means is that each of us puts out a specific energy which relates to our soul, personality, and current state of life and emotion. While we all put this energy out, most of us are not aware or sensitive enough to pick up on it in other people. What makes Herschel special is that not only is he capable of tuning into the transfer of our own personal energies, but he is able to pinpoint where there may be flow interruptions and remove the blockages. As a result of our spiritual blockages being cleared up, we experience better flow of our personalities, better physical health, and restoration to a state where we can better access our personal potentials.

In a first session with Herschel, you can expect a further explanation of how the human soul is connected with Hashem and what nourishes it. Following that, he gives you a few printouts explaining his meditation for you – which you go over together. This all leads to the next part of the session when he induces you to different state of consciousness. In this state of consciousness, your brain is producing High Alpha brain waves and that is important because High-Alpha state is the state that best promotes heightened well-being. While all this is happening, he talks to you and starts asking about certain areas of your life, typically areas in which you are having trouble – and yet, there is no reason for him to know these things. What that means is he is tuned in, and so you resume with the meditation. Within the meditation, he works on you and starts removing the blockages. It’s like this: On the level of our Neshama, we are all radio transmitters beaming out frequencies. Herschel has a keen sense of being the radio receiver, and he can dial in. Not only can he dial in to receive our signals, but he can transmit back to us in such a way as to modulate our own signals. This, of course, is to our benefit, and these benefits are palpable.

Herschel does an amazing thing. If you see him once, you may experience an immediate and palpable difference in your life, but your continued success is dependant upon your personal discipline. Metaphorically speaking: if a person had back problems because for years he had carried a 35 pound backpack around using only one shoulder strap, Herschel would be the chiropractor who could straighten him out. Yet, it is imperative that the person find a better way to carry his stuff – or let go of it altogether –  otherwise  he would be back where he started. He is not for those who want a quick fix and don’t want to change anything about their personal lives. While those who see him often have immediate results from his spiritual “push-off,” they have to keep pedaling themselves to maintain their momentum, and of course, Herschel will advise in that capacity during your session. Follow-up sessions are helpful too – and recommended.

Sometimes we put our own stumbling block in front of us. In sessions with Herschel, that block is removed and we are taught new habits to take on to keep us focused on our desired outcomes. If you are having sticking points in your own personal development, you may want to book a session with him. If you are having difficulties in growing your own business, you may want to book a session with him. If you are trying to find a shidduch, having problems in your relationships (with yourself or with others), or generally interested in personal and spiritual growth, he is a great person with which to seek counsel.”

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