Healing with Herschel Lazaroff, Kosher Healing, Kosher Healing HErschel Lazaroff

Experience Jewish Healing Energy With the Healer,

Herschel Lazaroff

By removing the blockages that rob people of the happiness they deserve, Herschel Lazaroff healing changes are facilitated making sad people happy, happy people happier, and awesome people phenomenal! – Happy HerschelKosher Healing For All!

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Healing with Herschel Lazaroff, Kosher Healing, Kosher Healing HErschel Lazaroff

Over 28 Years Of Experience As A

Kosher Healer

Based on the Torah and Kabbalah, Herschel’s unique self rejuvenating healing system enables his clients to remove emotional and spiritual blocks. Through techniques and cleansing kosher energy work, experience a greater sense of well-being and the actualization of goals and potential.

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Image: Herschel Lazaroff with The Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Herschel brings out potent healing forces that, in the next moments, can help eliminate pain and stimulate a palpable healing response.

Herschel’s spiritual module is a multi-disciplinary approach that makes all systems work in harmony.

Soul and Science

Herschel serves as a conduit for healing energy and DNA reprogramming.


Read what people are saying about Happy Herschel. Herschel helps you become you!

Guided Experience Herschel Lazaroff happyherschel.com kosher meditations

Guided Techniques

Listen to Herschel in various guided experiences and talks about various healing topics.

Guided Experience Herschel Lazaroff happyherschel.com kosher meditations holio herschel lazaroff

Healing with HOLIO

HOLIO was created by Herschel and is the essence of everything – a vibration of pure healing.

Meet Herschel

Herschel Lazaroff is a brilliant, one-of-a-kind healer helping everyone to reach their potential.

What People Are Sאying about Healing with Herschel Lazaroff

“Better Than Therapy”

“You [Herschel Lazaroff] were able to accomplish in one short session, what I on my own, and many years of therapy, have not been able to achieve”. A.J. Tulsa, Oklahoma

It’s a Boy

“After many years of unsuccessful infertility treatments…,  We cannot express our shock when one month after our meeting, we  found out I was pregnant. Our beautiful, healthy, baby boy was born on October 6, and he is truly the joy of our life”.

T.M. Suffern, New York

“Found My Dream Job”

“You delivered exactly what you promised. I searched for a job that I wanted for many years, and within 28 days after working with you, you said I would find it, and I did”!

Allan Marin, California

Hearing Improved

“My gratitude for the restoration of my hearing ability (not perfect, but not as bad as before Herschel improved upon it)… Is profound”.

Y.G. Jerusalem, Israel

Kosher Healing Healing with Herschel Lazaroff, Kosher Healing, Kosher Healing HErschel Lazaroff

Herschel Lazaroff on Removing Energy Blockages

Discover how Herschel can make a difference in your life.

Zoom, phone, and in person sessions are available. Contact for availability. Schedule an appointment with Herschel and invest in your well being.

Happy Hershel News

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Stress and Psychosomatic Induced Illness

When we think about Psychosomatics, we often times have the feeling that: these are people that have physical diseases that are primarily caused by mental factors and negative habits/emotions. However, this isn’t the full truth.

Kosher Healing with Herschel Lazaroff

Why You Should Try Energy Healing

Energy healing or spiritual healing is a branch of alternative medicine. Various methods of transmitting this energy are hands off, distant and hands on. Contact Herschel the Healer today to begin your transformation journey.

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Treating Infertility with Distant Energy Healing

Distant Energy Healing is a unique and powerful form of healing that works on illness, injury, and diseases. The healer channels the energy around the “energy anatomy” of the recipient. In this case, the recipient’s reproductive system is focused to receive healing energy.


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